About Me

Meet Destiny

In my life I have had the blessing to be surrounded with a family full of creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, and individuals who have taught me grace, the understanding of artistry, and how to perfectly paint a picture of the moments presented to me through the story of others.

My passion for photography and art is derived from my deep love for truly knowing people, and the uniqueness of them.

My Story.

We all have intricate stories, experiences, and things that we have navigated that make us, us. I hope to work with you to capture those "us" moments. The ones that you only share when your heart is ready to, the ones that help you stop time in its tracks, the ones that shape your seasons no matter the emotion contained within it. The ones that ignite joy, meet you in the silence or laughter, the ones that only YOU experience. Those are the ones that motivate me, inspire me and bring purpose to the gift I have humbly been given.

To know me, is to know my heart. My life is vibrant, my past is layered with its own precious pages of love, heartbreak, sorrow, hope, joy and peace. My story is just like yours, just my version.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to sit with you, create with you, and capture the steadfastness of your heartbeat.

I don't take any of these moments for granted and am so honoured to document the next chapters of your beautiful story.

XO Destiny


What is your turn around time for editing?

When it comes to editing, my turn around time for getting galleries to my clients varies depending on the session type and needs of the client. For Wedding photography it is usually 4-6 weeks during peak season, and 3-4 weeks in off season. For family sessions, and branding sessions typically 1-2 weeks from the date of your session, and for all other events it would be determined by the scope of work required.

Do you shoot Destination Weddings?

We sure do! We LOVE travelling, and having the opportunity to adventure with you during some of the more intimate and special moments in your lives is the greatest honour! Inquire today for destination wedding packages tailored to you!

What type of photography services do you cater to?

We offer a variety of photography sessions. We specialize in Weddings, Events, Lifestyle and Branding.

We are never opposed to adding epically cool adventures to our portfolio so don't hesitate to inquire!

What inspires you the most?

Well that is an easy one...YOU do!!! Your story, your light, and your life is what challenges me to capture the exact reflection of what season you are in. It is one of the greatest joys to be a part of. Photography is a medium that allows one to preserve moments intricately through visual means. It is simply the best!